CBT Technical Specifications

Hardware and Software overview

HydenX is the new upgraded computer based training (CBT) platform developed by ES Development (Pty) Ltd. Designed with the local requirements and international regulations as our main guidelines, HydenX offers our clients a complete, user friendly and effective solution to their X-Ray training needs. Consolidating all learner activities, progress and results on one central database only accessible to the client and will allow the client the ability and power to monitor each and every learner performance and progress as well as group and administration progress. Such data can be updated to any server of the client’s choice and or a server managed and maintained by ESD. The platform can also be installed onto Standalone Computers which will not require internet or wifi connection to operate.

ESD have also recognized that every client has different needs and will ensure that changes can be made on request to address these needs providing these changes does not intervene the National or International regulation governing X-Ray CBT systems.

Hyden X offers an un-manipulated, training program that range from Introduction to X-Ray images (Editorial with Exam), Simulators for Hand luggage X-Ray Screening, Hold Baggage X- Ray Screening and Cargo X-Ray Screening and includes Simulator practice tests and a final X-Ray Simulation test and administrative functions.

The HydenX sytem will generate a course report showing all the completed practice tests the student has completed and the scores obtained during the practice tests. The student must complete at least 50 Practice sessions (containing 20 bags per session) with an average score of above 80% before he/she will be allowed to attempt the final X-Ray simulator test (containing 30 bags) to complete the training. Should the student fail the final test twice the system will divert the student to continue with practice tests and a minimum of 5 practice tests must be completed with an average of 80% before the student can attempt another final simulator test.

A HydenX certificate will be automatically generated for the respective X-Ray simulator the student has completed when the student pass the Final Simulator test.

Hardware Requirements:

  • Processor: 1Ghz or Faster

  • Ram: 2GB or Greater

  • Display: 1366×768 or Greater

  • Internet: 20mbs uncapped (Online Option Only) Operating System: Windows 10 Minimum Requirement

  • 1GB free hard drive space for the temporary storage of reports and certificates


Software Requirements:

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system
  • Internet browser (Firefox and Google Chrome are preferred)
  • Adobe reader for viewing certificates and reports
  • Adobe flash player

Special Features:

  • User Friendly ESD understands that all screeners are not generally IT specialists and shortcomings such as computers and access to essential internet add to the learner’s frustration when the program is not user-friendly.

  • Cost Efficient – Taylor made packages for every client’s needs and volumes.

  • Accurate Management – Our direct and user-friendly administration module allows for quick and accurate reporting, saving time and money, and is available 24/7.

  • Active Development ESD is constantly improving our program and updating the images regarding new trends and threads that surface out of the x-ray industry. These updates will be available to our clients at no charge within the license period.

  • Needs Analysis – Tailored to meet client-specific needs. (Proudly South African Product)


Images Variaty

Below is 2 screenshots captured from the Hyden XP system. The first image (Screenshot 1) indicates a search that was run with no parameters which yielded a result of all the images within database. The column to the extreme left indicates the image numbers starting at 1 and ending at 1004 as indicated by the second image (Screenshot 2). The total amount of images in the database is comprised out of No-Threat, Possible Threat and Obvious Threat image types.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Threat Images

Below is a further 2 screenshots captured from the Hyden XP system. The first image (Screenshot 3) indicates a search that was run for Obvious Threats that yielded a result of 462 Obvious Threats images within database. The column to the extreme left indicates the image numbers starting at 1 and ending at 462 as indicated by the  second image (Screenshot 4).

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Different Article Orientation

Below are 6 example images containing threat articles, each image displays an article in a different orientation, similar to how it would naturally occur within the screening of images while training with the system.

Image Component Parts

Below are example images from the system indicating different component parts that would occur in the images with practice and examination sessions.

Unpredictable selection of images

The system uses an algorithm to randomly select 6 Non-Threat, 7 Possible and 7 Obvious Threat images from the database. These 20 images are then placed in random order for the practice and exam sessions. This allows for a different combination of images to occur in each session and also eliminates the possibility of the same image appearing more than once in a particular session.


List of restricted items

Below are examples of restricted items (threat articles) that are found in the system.

  • Guns & Ammunition 
  • IED’s
  • IID’s
  • Gas cylinders
  • Hazmat materials
  • Dismantled firearms
  • Narcotics
  • Opaque items
  • Screwdrivers
  • Saws
  • Aerosol containers
  • Hammers
  • Batteries
  • Lighters
  • Scissors

Click here to launch the Hyden XP official demo.

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