We specialize in assisting our clients to meet their respective training outcomes through the development of Computer Based Training (CBT) aids. Hyden X is the first in a wide range of up-and-coming CBT systems we will be developing for our clients. Through this, we will deliver, and analyse training programs to promote the screening of people, belongings, and cargo. Through our team of hands-on gurus, we have developed CBT that will provide our clients with a superior training experience.

Hyden X, our first online training and simulation-based E-study system allows each student to improve his X-ray interpretation skills while maintaining a constant state of readiness, by providing a real-world simulation of the X-ray screening process.

X-ray simulations are used as part of the training to demonstrate and evaluate how to analyse X-ray images. As part of the class, the student will be exposed to a wide variety of X-ray images (Real X-ray Images Not animated) and he will have to analyse each image to determine if it contains any threats, and/or illegal content. The student may use a variety of features such as zoom, color, and inorganic strip, organic strip, black & white, and inverse to modify the X-ray image. The student is not only scored based on the number of correct decisions but also on the path followed to arrive at those decisions. To increase performance, the system identifies threat categories where the student needs the most improvement and creates custom tests targeted toward weak areas.

Our current clients are multi-national companies responsible for the screening of persons and cargo entering and leaving strategic areas. They make use of x ray screening techniques to assist in this proses.

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Our Computer-Based Training Platform focuses on the following industries;

National Key Points:

Ports of entry
(Land, air and sea borders):

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We also do personalised/custom digital training solutions for our clientele.


The company has a team of four extremely professional and passionate people responsible for the development, relevance and subject matter, marketing and management of the company; namely,


Successful Entrepreneur

A training guru with more than 15 years of security training. He is also the owner of various successful businesses in this field.


Seasoned Executive

a seasoned executive who has managed several companies in Africa and South Africa. He is a trained special forces commander, hostage negotiator and has served on two inter-ministerial government projects. He has developed National Aviation Security Plans, Airport Security Plans and Airline Security plans for various countries, airports and airlines.


Software Developer

A software development expert with a passion in the development of computer-based training (CBT) aids.


Subject Matter Expert

He has been the training manager of several listed and international companies. He has given and managed training courses throughout South Africa and several countries on the African continent.

There is a great need for an African, and indeed a South African initiative and innovation, through Computer Based Training (CBT) technology and expertise in this field. If you think that have the skills and aspects required for such a role contact us here:

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